API Arts Network

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Arts Network is a volunteer-run and led grassroots collaboration of artistic and cultural producers, funders, presenters, and supporters, formed to increase visibility and diverse representation of APIs on a regional and potentially national level through self-generated activity and advocacy.

The Network was launched in October 2017 in response to a town hall meeting and community forum attended by over 100 arts supporters and artists as part of the national “Beyond Orientalism” initiative. It became clear that despite the fact that there are large numbers of API artists in Boston, many feel isolated, unsupported, and unrecognized. Attendees articulated a need for a network for API artists and arts organizations to convene, work together, share best practices, and collaborate in the Boston area.

The Network strives to create a support system that will encourage peer learning, ensure equitable access to professional development opportunities, open lines of communication between funders, artists and administrators and spark collaboration between artists.

Visit their facebook page for more information.

Beyond Orientalism: The Boston Forum

Presented by the Boston Asian American Film Festival and New England Foundation for the Arts. Co-presented by Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center,Company One Theater, Lyric Stage, SpeakEasy, and VietAid.

Beyond Orientalism: The Forum is a national initiative designed to explore the topics of misrepresentation onstage and in the media, diversity and inclusivity in the performing arts as it relates specifically to API (Asian Pacific Islander) issues, and practical action steps to advance racial equity.